Create and share a Memorial Websites for your Loved Ones.

Are you looking for a way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away? PAX.Memorial offers a beautiful and enduring space to do just that.

With PAX, you can create a personalized tribute page for your loved one, complete with photos, memories, and special sentiments. You can also invite others to contribute to the page, creating a collaborative celebration of life.

PAX.Memorial is a comforting and uplifting place to visit and remember your loved one, and it is a lasting tribute that can be shared with friends and family around the world. So, give us a try and create a loving memorial for your beloved one.

Family Plan
€144 per Year
10 Memorials
Bring together all your beloved ones in one Family Account. Should you need more Memorials, just drop us a line.
- Create an official Family Mausoleum
- Offer your children the opportunity to know and remember their ancestors
- Online forever
- Customizable
- Wide choice of affective Devices
- Death Announcement
- Obituary
- Guestbook
- Condolence Messages
- Family Microsite
- Custom Image
- Collection of Photo-memories
- Raise of Memorials upon request
- Create Genealogies

€144 per Month
Ideal for small funeral homes, congregations, cemeteries, churches, associations, hospices.
- Transform the expenses of interruptive advertising into a service of human utility
- Offer an Extra-Service to your Clients
- Remain linked to your Clients' Families
- Serve your Territory
- Be Smart & Innovative!
- Available out of Social Networks
In addition:
- Virtually unlimited Memorials
- Partner Microsite
- Custom Image
- Company Logo
- Corporate Brand Color
- Link to Company Website

"Losing a loved one is just hard. PAX.Memorial keeps my loved one remembered by many and always alive to my eyes. A prayer on PAX is in my daily routine. Thank you so much."


Do I need an Account to create a Memorial? Yes. A Stripe subscription is required to create PAX Memorials.
Do I need to pay? In some special cases we can offer Memorial free of charge, but in principle a small subscription is required to protect the site from malicious subscriptions and to cover hosting and maintenance costs.
I would like to create a Memorial for a pet... Is that possible? Sure!

Pets are absolutely part of our families and are welcome.

In our family, we still talk about Argo, a German shepherd who disappeared in 1956...
Do you respect privacy? Absolutely. We do not track our Users and we do not share information with any other entity. Our mission is only the commemoration of the dead and the relief of the survivors.
Will there ever be advertising on this site? No.

Our promise is precisely to share the memory of our loved ones in a dedicated and serene place.

As much as possible we want to support ourselves with the direct appreciation of our users and local curators.

However, it is possible that the site could be sponsored by national/local entities or host Memorials generated by professionals or churches.
I run a funeral home. Can I create Memorials for my Clients? Of course! Create a Partner Account and you can start right away.

Creating eternal and interactive Memorials for all Funeral Services is a sign of extreme courtesy, and greatly helps family members in the mourning process in the months/years to come.

For Funeral Homes it is also a way to remain intimately connected to local Families.
Who can open a Memorial? Anyone can open a Memorial, provided that the information of the death has already been made officially public in local Obituaries, or on the Web, or that there is official proof of a burial place.
What data do I have to provide to create an Account/Memorial? To open an Account you only need to enter your valid email address, First Name and Surname. We will immediately send you a password and you can immediately create a Memorial.

To create a Memorial you need to provide at least:

First Name and Surname;
Year of Birth and Year of Death.

And of course a nice close-up photograph.